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Rogers Victim Of Social Engineering Hack….. Customer Records Accessed

Posted in Commentary with tags , on March 3, 2015 by itnerd

Rogers yesterday released news that it was the victim of a social engineering hack. That’s when you get someone to hand over information that allow you to hack into a system. The hack resulted in this according to The Globe And Mail:

Patricia Trott, a spokeswoman for the Toronto-based Internet and phone provider, said a “third party” accessed a “single e-mail address of one of our enterprise sales employees, who managed a small number of medium business accounts.”

The breach occurred last week, she said in a statement Monday, and was due to “human error (not system error).”

Here’s how the breach was discovered:

Late Sunday afternoon, an anonymous Twitter user using the handle @TeamHans_ posted a link to a zip file containing copies of dozens of contracts for telecommunications services, as well as e-mail correspondence from the Rogers sales employee.

The contracts appear to relate to between 50 and 70 medium-sized businesses that were part of the portfolio managed by the employeewhose e-mail account was accessed. The contracts do not appear to contain payment or password information, but they do indicate the number of data or phone lines purchased as well as the amount spentby the business customers.

Rogers claims to have secured their systems, contacted police, and has alerted customers. That’s all good. Rogers also disclosed this quickly. That’s also good. But, it is clear that there needs to be training to stop social engineering hacks from occurring in the first place. Hopefully Rogers does invest in that training as I can say from experience that you can have all the firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other digital defenses you want. But if your staff don’t know how to identify and react to a social engineering attack, it makes all of the other stuff meaningless.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Launches In Vancouver And The Lower Mainland

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 17, 2015 by itnerd

Rogers late today dropped me an e-mail to say that their Smart Home Monitoring service has launched in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

With Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, customers can choose from three different packages based on their needs and their budget.  Unlike conventional security platforms, the system can connect to night vision cameras, lighting, door locks, appliances, thermostats, door and window sensors, and monitor for intruders, motion detection, water leaks, carbon monoxide, smoke and fire. All features can be customized and easily controlled through a mobile app.  

The Rogers Central Monitoring Station monitors 24/7 for emergency conditions with local police, fire and ambulance dispatch, and real time text and email alerts are sent to a customer’s mobile, tablet or computer so they know when the kids or dog walker come and go or if someone’s burning toast in the kitchen.

The new Smart Home Monitoring service will be unveiled at the BC Home and Garden Show tomorrow, February 18th. Residents in the Greater Vancouver area will then be able to book a FREE in-home demo and assessment by visiting

Rogers Launches Easy Pay For Tablets

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 10, 2015 by itnerd

Rogers has launched a new program to make acquiring a tablet easier. Called Easy Pay, it lets you finance the cost of a tablet over 24 months. Customers simply choose a new tablet, connect it to a Share Everything plan, and make easy, low payments over 24 months. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a tablet you want from Rogers
  • Add the tablet to your Share Everything plan for $10 per month
  • Pay $0 down (a $20 connection fee and taxes on the full cost of the tablet will appear on your first invoice)
  • Make equal Easy Pay payments over 24 months
  • Activate your free 2 year Next Issue (Basic) subscription

Quick note about that last part. With Rogers, Easy Pay customers get access to content that’ll make their tablet experiences even better, including Next Issue free for 2 years as long as they keep the tablet on their plan (excluding QC). Next Issue gives them access to over 100 of the world’s best magazines including Chatelaine, GQ, Vogue, Forbes and more.

For more information visit or check out their RedBoard post here.

CraveTV and Shomi Violate CRTC Rules Say Advocacy Group

Posted in Commentary with tags , , , on February 9, 2015 by itnerd

I’ve been watching the progress of CraveTV (which is Bell Canada’s streaming service) and Shomi (which is a joint venture of Rogers and Shaw) and one of the things that jumped out at me from the start is that unlike a streaming service like Netflix which is wide open to anyone, you have to have one of Bell’s services in the case of Crave TV, or Rogers or Shaw’s services in the case of Shomi to access these streaming services. That I always considered to be a #fail, but an advocacy group also says it might be against CRTC rules:

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre and Consumers’ Association of Canada say three of the country’s biggest telecommunications companies are operating online video services which “unduly prefer” their own customers.

The document, filed to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Friday, says both services require subscribers to purchase TV or Internet services from the telecom providers on top of the streaming video platform.

They argue that runs against rules put in place by the CRTC to promote competition and consumer choice.

There’s a simple reason why Shomi and CraveTV are set up this way. These restrictions are designed to stop you from cutting the cord as opposed to letting you stream content using any ISP. After all, Rogers, Bell and Shaw have very lucrative cable TV operations that they don’t want affected in any way by streaming services. Even the ones that they own. But it’s clearly left them wide open to something like this complaint. I’m guessing that there’s some discussion going on right now inside the executive offices of Rogers, Shaw and Bell about whether to fight this, or just avoid the issue altogether by opening up their services to any and all who want to use them and pray it does not affect their cable TV revenue too much.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall during those discussions.

Chatr Adds New Data Options To Their Plans

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 6, 2015 by itnerd

Chatr, which is Rogers value brand, announced yesterday that customers can now add on up to 1 GB of Data to chatr’s unlimited Canada wide talk and text plan.

  • 10/month – 200MB data. 10c/MB for additional data usage.
  • $15/month – 500MB data. 10c/MB for additional data usage.
  • $25/month – 1GB data. 10c/MB for additional data usage.

Customers can easily find out how much data they need by using the data calculator:

Also, chatr has added to the $25 price plan an additional 50 outgoing text messages on top of the existing features. It now offers 100 outgoing texts, unlimited Provincial talk and unlimited incoming texts.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Coming To Rogers

Posted in Commentary with tags , on January 27, 2015 by itnerd

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Canada’s first CAT6 enabled device, is now available for pre-order via Rogers reservation system for $399.99 on select two year Share Everything plans. CAT6 devices are the next evolution of wireless technology offering faster downloads and higher quality video experiences. That will make your smartphone experience very impressive.

It will be rolling out in select locations including:

  • Ontario – communities within Toronto, Oshawa North, Caledon East and Stouffville
  • B.C. – communities within Vancouver, Walnut Grove

More locations will appear soon.

I’ve requested one to review and as soon as I get it, you can expect a review to be posted.


Rogers Gives Additional News On LTE Advanced

Posted in Commentary with tags on January 26, 2015 by itnerd

Back in October 2014, Rogers was the first carrier in Canada to begin rolling out LTE-Advanced, the next evolution of wireless technology. Today, Rogers dropped me a note to say that they are taking carrier aggregation further by combining 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz spectrum so their customers can enjoy even faster downloads and higher quality video experiences on Category 6 enabled mobiles and tablets as they become available.

Rogers customers in select communities across Ontario and British Columbia, including Toronto, Guelph, Vancouver and Victoria, will be the first customers in Canada to benefit from Category 6 as devices come on the market. None are available just yet. And, this is just the first step as carrier aggregation will allow Rogers to further leverage their spectrum, and create even more network capacity and customer benefits.

As soon as LTE Advanced devices become available, I’ll acquire one for testing and let you know what real worlds speeds I get.


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