Rogers And Friends Try To Bridge The Digital Divide

Ever since I’ve started doing this blog, I’ve posted a lot of news about Rogers and their products. Not to mention criticize them. But today I am going to praise them. Rogers along with some of their friends are going to try and do something about making sure as many people as possible get access to the Internet.

Connected for Success is a pilot program offering affordable broadband internet, a subsidized computer and software to residents of Toronto Community Housing (TCH). Connected for Success began its roll out in the Cooper Mills community today where Toronto Community Housing residents were among the first to sign up for the program.

Part of the Rogers Youth Fund initiative and with support from Compugen and Microsoft Canada, will provide qualifying families with broadband internet for $9.99 per month with a usage allowance up to 30 GB, plus access to a $150 computer loaded with software.

“There is a digital divide in Canada and we see a huge potential to bridge it by providing youth and families with access to an affordable broadband connection,” said Rob Bruce, President of Communications, Rogers Communications. “Across Canada, internet penetration is more than eighty per cent and in Toronto Community Housing it’s only twenty per cent. We have a tremendous opportunity working with Toronto Community Housing to reach thousands of families and youth, enabling them to build digital skills that will contribute to their future success.”

If you want to read more about this, check out their RedBoard post on this.

Bravo Rogers!

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